Active Power Filter

Active Power Filter

Wt-apf active power filter (abbreviated as APF) is a new power electronic device used to dynamically suppress harmonics and compensate reactive power. It uses current to detect the load current, extracts the harmonic components in the load current through internal GSP calculation, and controls the inverter to generate a harmonic current equal to the load harmonic current and in the opposite direction by driving IGBT to inject it into the power grid, Achieve the purpose of filtering. According to the same principle, APF can also compensate the negative sequence current component of asymmetric three-phase circuit and realize the functions of three-phase imbalance compensation and reactive power compensation.


Product Description


1:Having the functions of harmonic control, reactive power compensation, and three-phase unbalance control;

2: Response time  <10ms, THD<5%, PF >98%, three phase unbalance <3%;

3: Can filter out the 2~50th harmonic, arbitrarily select the harmonic order within this range;

4: Reactive power compensation range (-1~1), capacitive and inductive reactive power can be switched at any time;

5: Modular design, easy maintenance, easy installation, support rack-mounted and wall-mounted installations;

6. Perfect protection function, 16 kinds of protection functions to ensure equipment safety and system safety.

Technical data

Application fields:

Commercial Buildings;


1:Automobile manufacturing;

2: Medical equipment;

3: IT servers

4: Metal melting

5: Airport equipment.

Power stations;





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