Compensation AC Industrial Voltage Stabilizer

AC Industrial Voltage Stabilizer


1: Copper pillar can withstand instant overload.

2: Servo motor can adjust speed smoothly.

3: Wear resistant carbon brush can realize precise regulation

4: Multiple protection such as phase sequence protection, anti-surge protection, etc can be customized as per requirements of customers.


Product Description

 Compensation AC Industrial Voltage Stabilizer: 

A industrial voltage regulator is a device that stabilizes the output voltage. The voltage regulator is composed of voltage regulating circuit, control circuit and servo motor. When the input voltage or load changes, the control circuit samples, compares and amplifies, and then drives the servo motor to rotate to change the position of the carbon brush of the voltage regulator. By automatically adjusting the coil turn ratio, the output voltage is stable.


Technical data


product name

Compensating AC Stabilizer

model NO.


rated Capacity


wire system

3 phase 4 wires

input voltage

Input three phase 380V±20%)  304V-456V

Output voltage

three phase 380Vleave factory set),380V±3%

working frequency


Constant Voltage Precision


regulating mode

separate regulating



Insulation class


Operation time

100,000 hours

Protection class


Voltage withstanding

2000V, 1 min. not broken

Wave deformation




insulation resistance


 response time


Time for stabilizing

When the input voltage jumps 10% relative to the rated value, the stabilization time is less than 1.5S


 polywood packing

Electrical safety



< 1000m

Relative humidity

< 90%

Ambient temperature


-15°C to +45 °C


main function

Over-voltage and under-voltage protection

When output voltage over or under rated voltage value, equipment will automatically trip


Over current protection

When the over-current exceeds the rated value, the input will be cut off automatically


Mechanical protection

When the voltage regulating operation exceeds the region, the adjustment will be automatically terminated


Overload protection

Once overload, it will automatically cut off the power

main function

Short circuit protection

When the load short circuit, it will automatically cut off the power supply;


 Bypass function

 Can be manually switched to mains supply the during the maintenance


 Return function

When the sampling voltage exceeds the set value, the power supply automatically returns to normal


Display function

LCD display

Optional function, extra charge

Phase sequence protection

when phase sequence is reserve or less, it will automatically protect

anti-surge performance

the input terminal is equipped with a high-energy surge impulse suppressor, which effectively solves the fatal impack of the pulse spike voltage between 10μs-100μs, such as lightning induction on the euip.

wave filtering performance

Equipped with a sensitive tracking filter device at the input, which can effectively filter and absorb the pollution signals generated by the inductive load disconnection and the electric field and magnetic field on the line, and strictly control the impact of harmonics on digital equipment;


remote communication

 RS485 communication interface (communication protocol provided)

product characteristics

 true effective value sampling

High accuracy, good sensitivity, good measurement rate and frequency characteristics, hig input impedance , low output impedance, wide power supply range, low power consumption


 Vacuum dipping paint

 high insulation strength, good mechanical properties, low noise, corrosion resistance and long service life


control chip

The MCU control chip adopts the original imported industrial-grade 32-bit interface ARM chip produced by STMicroelectronics, which has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, high computing speed, and high-precision AD acquisition.  Digital circuit control, reliable and intelligent operation.





Voltage regulators can be widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, oil fields, railways, construction sites, schools, hospitals, posts and telecommunications, hotels, scientific research and other departments of electronic computers, precision machine tools, computed tomography (CT), precision instruments, test devices, elevator lighting, imported equipment and production lines, etc. It is also suitable for users at the end of low-voltage distribution network with low or high power supply voltage and large fluctuation range and electrical equipment with large load variation, especially for all voltage stabilizing electric fields with high requirements for power grid waveform. High power compensated power regulator can be connected to thermal power, hydraulic and small generators.







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