Static Var Generator

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Wt-svg, also known as static reactive power generator or static synchronous compensator. It can widely be applied in meltal smelting, medical equipment, commercial buildings, airport equipment, etc.



Product Description

Wt-svg, also known as static reactive power generator or static synchronous compensator, refers to the device for reactive power compensation by self commutating power Peninsula bridge converter. The basic principle is that the self commutation bridge circuit is composed of turn-off, high-power and high-frequency power electronic devices (LGBT), which is connected in parallel to the power grid through the reactor to adjust the amplitude and phase of the output voltage at the AC side of the bridge circuit in real time, or directly control the AC side current, so that the bridge circuit can absorb or emit reactive current that meets the requirements, so as to realize dynamic reactive power compensation Voltage control and other purposes.


1: Wide compensation range, compensation range (+1)~(-1);

2: Fast response speed, full compensation response speed ≤10ms;

3: Low-order harmonic compensation capability, can compensate 3-13th harmonic compensation;

4: Phase unbalance compensation capability, which can adjust the three-phase unbalance of the system;

5: Parallel access system, with 16 kinds of protection functions at the same time, all-round protection of equipment safety and system safety;

6: The user-friendly design of the operating system is simple and easy to understand,

Technical parameter:






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