Power Quality Regulator

---integration of voltage regulation and power compensation

1. Voltage regulation

2. Active and reactive power dynamic regulation

3. Harmonic filtering

4. Three-phase imbalance control


Product Description

Wt-bpqc compensated power quality regulator is an integrated comprehensive power quality regulator that can simultaneously compensate power quality problems such as voltage, harmonic, reactive power and imbalance. The device is composed of automatic voltage regulation compensation module, reactive power and harmonic compensation module. The automatic voltage regulation compensation module compares the over voltage and under voltage with the reference setting voltage by actually monitoring the grid voltage, and generates a voltage equal to the difference voltage and in the opposite direction, which is superimposed on the line voltage to ensure stable output voltage.  

 The reactive power and harmonic compensation module compensates the line reactive power and harmonic according to sampling calculation of the system voltage and current. Through multi-objective coordinated control, it can be realized: 1. Voltage regulation; 2. Active and reactive power dynamic regulation; 3. Harmonic filtering; 4. Three-phase imbalance control.

Technical data:

Working voltage

380V(-40%~+40%) ;

Working frequency


Wiring mode

Three-phase three-wire ; Three-phase four-wire

Current sampling


Current sampling position

Load side / grid side optional

Ambient temperature


Switching frequency


Protection level

LP 20 or higher

Filtering range

2-50 times (can be set)

Reactive power compensation

-100%~+100%(Power factor can be set)

Three phase unbalance

100% unbalance reactive power compensation

overload protection


Total response time


Protection function

Over voltage protection, under voltage protection, short circuit protection, inverter bridge reverse protection, etc

Reactive power compensation

-100%~+100%(Power factor can be set)

Three phase unbalance

100% unbalance full compensation

Current sampling

5A (CT:100/5~1000/5)

Input voltage

Three phase 380V , single phase 220V (-40%~+40%) ;

Stabilization accuracy

±5% can be set

Insulation resistance


Communication interface

RS485 Network port

Communication protocol

General agreement on electricity;modbus protocol;YCP/IP

Display interface

3 / 7 Inch Touch Screen

Display interface

Point meter, digital display, LCD display, touch screen, optional.


Each module can be monitored individually or centrally

Protection functions

Over current protection,  limit protection, phase protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, bypass protection

Application field:

1: Metallurgy

2: Medical equipment

3: Automobile manufacturing

4: Wind power and photovoltaic generation

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