DC/DC Converter for DC Charging Pile

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1:Ultra wide output voltage range 0-1000v, which can meet the charging of electric vehicles of all voltage levels,

2: High efficiency in the whole working range and no reduction in full load efficiency;

3: DC power supply without increasing grid load;

4: It can realize multi-level parallel use; 

5: DSP design to realize the full digital control of the charging module and ensure the reliability of the control;

6: Efficiency up to 97%, effectively reduce capacity loss and realize energy conservation and environmental protection;

7Wide voltage input range, 0-1000v, suitable for different DC input.


Product Description

DC / DC Converter for Charging Pile 

With the popularity of electric vehicles, the requirements for charging facilities are higher and higher. The construction of charging facilities such as centralized energy storage charging station, optical storage integrated charging station and energy storage mobile charging vehicle is put on the agenda, which greatly solves the requirements of centralized charging station for power grid capacity and the requirements of mobile charging vehicle for peripheral power supply during rescue.In order to solve the different power requirements of energy storage system for different electric vehicles, Wenlida has developed ewld6011 series DC / DC charging modules.The module has the advantages of high efficiency, high power factor and high reliability.This series of products adopt IGBT (SIC) power devices, with DC input and output voltage range of 0-1000v and output power of 10-300kw (customized). It has an international leading charging module.

Typical performance

1: With active protection function, short circuit, over-current, over temperature, battery reverse connection and other protection measures to make charging safer.

2: It has protection functions such as input over-voltage / under-voltage, lightning protection, abnormal connection, emergency shutdown, etc.

3: It has perfect charging protection function, stores BMS protection information in real time, and stops charging immediately when the protection threshold is triggered to prevent overcharging of the vehicle, with high safety.

4: It can accurately judge the connection state between the charger and the electric vehicle. When the charger detects an abnormal connection with the electric vehicle system, it will immediately stop charging and send an alarm message.

5:Automatic charging: during the charging process, the charger dynamically adjusts the charging parameters according to the data provided by BMS in real time, and performs corresponding actions to complete the charging process.Communicate with BMS to obtain battery type, power battery system parameters, and state parameters of power battery before and during charging.

Technical Data


Electrical category

Detailed category




Rated power

Input 750V, output 750V





DC input

Voltage (V)


O - 750V

Current (a)





DC output

Voltage (V)


O - 750V

Current (a)





Charging gun

Rated current (a)




Rated voltage (V)


750/ 1000V

Number of stitches


9Kong DC National Javelin                            

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